Vision Of Founder

Legacies we received from the Honourable Founder, stalwarts and stewards of the organisation are the soul of KL Steels' value and culture system. The 30 golden years of the organisation endowed us with some invaluable legacies along with growth, recognition and achievements.

We produce more than steel because apart from producting steel , we give our esteemed clients , the most valuable thing a satisfaction of getting a quality product with the best competitive prices in the market.

The story began 58 years back with setting up of a small plant at Mandi Gobindgarh in Punjab. Now , with our relentless efforts and sincerity , that small sapling has become a big tree with its branches across the country.These other branches under the flagship banner of K .L Steels (P) Ltd are, K.L Concast ,Raj Steel Rolling Mill and Adarsh Steel.

Our vision is to expand , diversify and mark in achieving milestones, with a promise of giving a healthy competition to our competitionrs in the trade.
I , personally wish to see K.L Group converting into strong and integrated K.L Family.

Kanhaya Lal Bardeja