Quality Assurance

We have sound infrastructure capable of producing 1,50,000 t.p.a steel beams and channels.The manufacturing plant includes two mills. One engineering workshop apart from well equipped laboratory. Quality is the outcome of ongoing manufacturing process which is strictly monitored at all stages. We conduct in house tensile strength test to ensure only top grade material reaches the field. Where required by the relevant construction rules, products are pressure tested before final acceptance.

The company caters to a wide gamut of customers in india and abroad. The intrinsic strength of the company such as low operating costs, special Organizational culture and good profitability has been widely appreciated and has helped the company grow to its present status. Raw material used by us is high quality steel containing medium Maganese and low sulphur and Phosphorous. Sulphur and phosphorous are impurities of steel. Sulphur forms a network at the grains boundaries of steel This consitituent has a low melting point and causes a lack of cohesion between the grains of the steel when it is hot worked. The property of being weak at high temperature is known as hotshortness. High Sulphur and high Phosphorus (0.09 to 0.13%) is not satisfactory for applications requiring resistance to shock.Material Produced at K L Steels is 100% free from impurities and high in strength and with shock absorbing properties.