KL Steels' safe, high-tech and systemised production facility is well equipped with...

Material Handling

  • Three Hydraulic Mobile Cranes with 5 to 8 MT of Loading Capacity Range.
  • Eleven E.O.T Cranes with 7.5 to 15MT of Loading Capacity Range.
  • Seven E.O.T Magnetic Cranes with 5 to15MT of Loading Capacity Range.
  • Two Straightening Machines.
  • Two Continues Rolling Mills with size 18"(457mm) & 26"(660mm).
  • A Hot Sow Machines with 8mm blade.

Cooling Platform

  • Two Cooling Platforms with the length of 15mtr & 23mtr.
  • Two Cooling Towers.

Heat Treatment

Two Re-Heating Furnaces with heating capacity of 20MT/HR, based on fuel oil & coal gasifier.

Backup Power

  • Five Diesel Generators of 62.5 to 500KVA.
  • Seven Low Speed Marine Engines of 1200 to 3000HP.
  • Four Transformers of 1600 to 3500KVA.
  • Six Electric Motors of 600HP to 2500HP.