Lab and Testing Facility

In our business it becomes essential to test the authenticity and the quality of raw material as well as the finished products thus we have the following lab and testing facilities to help us understand the product better.


This helps us to know the chemical composition of any metal whether raw material or finished product, which helps to determine the level of quality of the product

Universal Test Machine

Which helps us to determine the yield strength,tensile strength and the elongation of the product.

Combustion Gas Analyzer

This helps us to determine the level and composition of the combustion gas.

Laser Thermometer

This instrument helps us to check the temperature of the furnace, through laser system.


Foundry Master (spectrometer) has been imported form Germany and is used to do fast and assurate chemical analysis test.

Rang Of Products

The strength ,durability and accuracy has established in our products as best as quality product in the market.under the dynamic leadership and command of Shri SETH KANHAYA LAL JI (a recipient of “UDYOGA PATRA” award from the Hon’ble contributions as a self made in industrialist for development of the country ) the group is one of the fastest growing industrial houses with undisputed ledership in forward integration because of its relentless pursuit of excellence since its inception.the credibility that our products enjoy in market is sus to our motoo”Quality that Commands.”

Our products and their area of usage:

Structural Sections:
  • Joists
  • Channels
  • H-Beams
  • Sectional Column
  • W-Beams
  • Narrow Parallel Beams
  • Wide parallel Beam.

  • Petrochemical
  • Civil Constructions
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Railways
  • Industrial Sheds
  • Refineries
  • Heavy Equipments
  • Material Handling
  • Fabrications and many more