KL Steels is a perfect place to work where one can find enormous opportunities for career growth and professional development. People who are disciplined, dynamic, dedicated and decisive can adapt themselves easily in the healthy work environment of KL Steels; an environment which is motivating as well as progressive. KL Steels encourages its meritorious employees by extending rewards and recognitions they deserve. Our decentralised management system and liberalised work culture, stimulate the decision making ability of the employees and provides them a platform where they can confidently showcase their untapped skills. KL Steels is looking for positive and energetic people who can excel the organisation to the new heights in the Indian steel industry.

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Induction and Training

Learning makes a man perfect and KL Steels provides ample learning opportunities to its new recruits about the organization, work culture, policies and the target customers through induction, orientation and other training programmers. Besides, we frequently conduct workshops and seminars to educate our employees about new developments in the steel industry.